• Micronet SmarTab

    Micronet SmarTab is a next generation Android Rugged Tablet designed for both in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle use. Coupled with a vehicle-connected cradle, it allows for seamless shift between in-cab Telematics mode of operation, and standalone field service mode of operation. SmarTab provides a versatile, advanced and affordable mobile computing platform ideal for ELD/HOS, Mobile Workforce Management, and a variety of Fleet Management solutions. Built with automotive-grade durability it lowers the Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Micronet SmartHub

    Micronet SmartHub is a next generation Telematics On-Board Computer. Powered by Android open platform, and featuring state-of-the-art set of technologies, SmartHub goes beyond traditional Telematics black-boxes to allow Telematics Service Providers to develop and run advanced real-time applications, and offer 3rd party mobility applications to their fleet customers. SmartHub serves as an “in-cab hub” to which other in-vehicle devices, accessories and sensors can easily connect. It supports services such as high-end driver behavior, real-time driver coaching, video analytics, ELD solutions, driver fatigue recognition, ADAS, and much more.

  • TREQ®-317

    TREQ®-317 is a 7″ rugged fixed-mount Android Tablet, designed as an “All-In-One” platform. It combines a fixed-mount tablet and a Telematics “black-box” unit in the same device, enabling cost savings in installation, reduced integration complexity, and simplified development process. Powered by Android operating system, and supporting a variety of vehicle interfaces, GPS, cellular communication, and video cameras, TREQ®-317 provides an automotive-grade platform for a variety of Fleet Management and ELD solutions.

  • A-317

    A-317 is a rugged fixed-mount Mobile Data Terminal (MDT). With a 7″ screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, and a variety of interfaces, A-317 is designed to integrate with in-cab Black-Boxes and AVL units for a variety of Fleet Management applications such as: Navigation, Routing and Dispatch, Speed by Street, Task Management, driver interaction, and more.

  • OBC-317

    Micronet OBC-317 is a rugged Android On-Board-Computer. Based on the TREQ®-317 platform, with integrated GPS, cellular communication, and support for a variety of vehicle-bus and peripheral interfaces, OBC-317 is a flexible and cost-effective Telematics in-cab computer ideal for a variety of Fleet Management solutions.

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