Micronet SmarTab-8


Micronet SmarTab-8 is a next generation Android rugged tablet designed for both in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle use. Coupled with a vehicle-connected cradle, it allows for a seamless shift between in-cab Telematics and standalone field-service modes of operation. Micronet SmarTab-8 provides a versatile, advanced and affordable mobile computing platform for a variety of Fleet Management and Mobile Workforce Management solutions.

Extended Pool of Services

With ability to run multiple applications simultaneously, Micronet SmarTab-8 allows Telematics Service Providers and System Integrators to extend their offering beyond their own applications, provide their customers with advanced third-party mobility and field-service applications.

In the Vehicle

Placed in its vehicle-connected cradle, Micronet SmarTab-8 functions as a high-end on-board Telematics computer. With integrated GPS, cellular communication, various sensors and support for a variety of vehicle-bus and peripheral interfaces, Micronet SmarTab-8 enables a host of Fleet Management and mobility solutions such as: ELD/HOS, fleet tracking, driver behavior, real-time driver coaching, real-time fuel management, remote diagnostics and much more.

With a 8″ multi-touch hardened screen, Micronet SmarTab-8 supports navigation solutions, routing and dispatch applications, task management, DVIR, real-time feedback to the driver and communication with head office and customers. Micronet SmarTab-8 ’s two cameras, together with its powerful processor and extended memory, allow it to run the advanced algorithms required for applications like video analysis, driver fatigue recognition and ADAS.

With a rich set of wireless and wired interfaces – WiFi hotspot, BT tethering and BLE, Bluetooth Audio, NFC, WiFi direct, multiple CAN channels and multiple I/O – Micronet SmarTab-8  can function as an in-cab hub to which other devices, sensors and accessories easily connect.

In the Field

Once out of the vehicle, Micronet SmarTab-8 lets mobile workers remain effective and efficient with on-the-fly connectivity – anytime and anywhere – using cellular communication and WiFi. Its durable design withstands shocks, drops, water and dust (IP65) and a range of temperatures, allowing workers to operate freely in any environment. With a lightweight and pocket-sized form factor, Micronet SmarTab-8  is easy to carry and operate.

Ideal for signature capture, proof of delivery, field service applications, taking notes, managing tasks, taking high-quality photos, scanning barcodes, communicating with the back office and making video calls, Micronet SmarTab-8  is a superior and cost-effective solution for Mobile Workforce Management.

Micronet SmarTab-8  Device Cradle

The Micronet SmarTab-8 Platform offers various types of vehicle Cradles allowing strong and protected Device mounting and electronic connection in the vehicle. Compatible with a standard “RAM” mounting arm, the Cradle supports easy solution installation and flexible Device position adjustment for convenience of use in nuanced vehicle cabin environment.

Two models of Micronet SmarTab-8  Cradles are available supporting various features and interfaces connection. The Standard Cradle model (pending) supports a basic set of the solution interface connectivity such as: Vehicle Power, Ignition switch signal and RS232 communication port. The Enhanced Cradle model supports a wide range of Serial communication ports, control I/O signals and various Vehicle BUS interfaces connection.

An user notification features – status LED and Buzzer are provided in addition for the Device connection control and Driver alerting purposes.

SmarTab 8 Variants

Portable device: The unique “Detachment” mechanism of the SmarTab-8 Cradle allows strong Mounting and safe Device Removal options to support in-vehicle and out-of-cab Product operation. Cradle is available in two options: “Basic” (pending) – supporting only power / Ignition / RS-232 connectivity and “Enhanced” – adding also CANBUS, I/O, USB and LED/Buzzer interfaces.

Shorter Development Cycles

Powered by Android open platform, Micronet SmarTab-8 platform offers a comprehensive development environment for independent application programming and system integration. With a huge ecosystem of Android development tools and software frameworks – and with a flourishing community of developers – working with Android devices leads to rapid development and integration cycles.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Designed to operate in harsh automotive and field environments, withstand shocks and vibrations and function reliably in broad-ranging temperatures, Micronet SmarTab-8 lowers the Total Cost of Ownership.