Micronet SmartHub-C

Micronet SmartHub-C is a Telematics On-Board Computer.  Powered by Android open Operating System, and featuring a best-in-class set of technologies, Micronet SmartHub-C goes beyond traditional Telematics black-boxes to provide a powerful and flexible environment for application development and integration.


Advanced real-time applications:
With a powerful processor and extended memory, Micronet SmartHub-C supports advanced, resource-intensive applications. Such cost-saving, value-added applications are resource intensive: real-time fuel management, for example, demands in-vehicle analysis of the sensor and CAN data to coach drivers on fuel savings, utilizing Micronet SmartHub-C’s Audio features for real-time sound cues to the driver.


Extended pool of services:
With the ability to run multiple applications simultaneously, Micronet SmartHub-C allows Telematics Service Providers to extend their offering beyond their own applications, providing their fleet customers with advanced third-party mobility applications.


In-Cab Hub:
With a rich set of wireless and wired vehicle and peripheral interfaces, Micronet SmartHub-C functions as an “in-cab hub” to which other in-vehicle devices, accessories and sensors can easily connect. Micronet SmartHub-C’s support for cellular communication, WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth audio, BT tethering and BLE, NFC, WiFi direct, multiple CAN channels and multiple I/O, give it a significant edge over traditional Telematics black-boxes.


Shorter Development Cycles:
With a huge ecosystem of Android development tools and software frameworks, and with a flourishing community of developers, Android-based platforms accelerate development and integration cycles.


Micronet SmartHub-C Model:
Micronet SmartHub-C was built for best fit in with the solution specific operational and installation requirements. The standard “Micronet SmartHub-C” product model supports on-dash or windshield mounting and provides integrated Voice capability, visible LED notifications, and user accessible Function Key.


Compatibility with Micronet SmarCam:
The Micronet SmarCam, Micronet’s  Android rugged dual dash cam, is based on the same hardware and software platform as SmartHub-C. Telematics Service Providers who develop applications for Micronet SmartHub-C can easily adjust and run them also on Micronet SmarCam for fleet customers who need video telematics as part of their solution.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership:
With a robust architecture and cost-effective design, Micronet SmartHub-C simplifies maintenance tasks and enables extended product life. Designed to operate in harsh commercial automotive environments, withstanding shocks and vibrations, functioning reliably in broad-ranging temperatures, and incorporating the Best-in-Class Enabling Technology Feature Set, Micronet SmartHub-C Platform lowers the Total Cost of Ownership.