• Micronet SmartCam

    Micronet SmartCam is a world pioneering, All-In-One Video Telematics device. An open and powerful Android platform, ruggedized, integrated, and ready-to-go smart camera supporting Telematics features set designed for in-vehicle use. Coupled with vehicle-connected interfaces, diagnostic capabilities, and two cameras, it enables video analytics and telematics services, addressing safety, vehicle health, and tracking needs of your fleets. Micronet SmartCam provides a versatile, advanced, and affordable mobile computing platform for a variety of Fleet Management and Video Analytics solutions. The powerful computing platform, coupled with the Android 9 operating system, allows you to run your application or third party applications.

  • Micronet SmarTab-8

    Micronet SmarTab-8 is a next generation Android rugged tablet designed for both in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle use. Coupled with a vehicle-connected cradle, it allows for a seamless shift between in-cab Telematics and standalone field-service modes of operation. Micronet SmarTab-8 provides a versatile, advanced and affordable mobile computing platform for a variety of Fleet Management and Mobile Workforce Management solutions.

  • Micronet SmartHub-C

    Micronet SmartHub-C is a Telematics on-board computer. Powered by Android open platform, and featuring a best-in-class set of technologies, Micronet SmartHub-C goes beyond traditional Telematics black-boxes by allowing solution integrators and Telematics Service Providers to develop and run advanced real-time applications as well as to offer a variety of third-party mobility applications to fleet customers. The Micronet SmartHub-C serves as an “in-cab hub” to which other in-vehicle devices, sensors and accessories can easily connect. The Micronet SmartHub-C supports services such as ELD/HOS application, high-end driver behavior, remote diagnostics, and much more.

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